Our services include the following:

Eddy’s practice grew from his research into the relationship of form and nature, an on-going manifesto from his early interest into the subject during his college years. This led him to write his thesis on the subject, “Nature of forms and Form of nature”.
For Eddy, nature is not “fractal” but “Constructal” and always thrives for the optimal mechanisms into building its contextual geometry; nature’s design for sustainability. He carried this ethos with him while acquiring years of experience in the Gulf, MENA region and Lebanon. Eddy thrusts his passion for nature and form in implementing his tenets for creating innovative architectural forms. His evolved practice has acquired a privileged track record for delivering projects with the highest architectural excellence merging state-of-the-art design ideas, building expertise, and environmental responsibility.

In Urban Planning, the quality of design was becoming one of the most important criteria in determining whether an urban project should be eligible for public use or not. Since this time, Eddy understands the importance of design quality in creating places people want to live and work in. According to Eddy’s vision, all development proposals, whether for new development or redevelopment of small infill sites, need to demonstrate that they will be delivering quality places. It is therefore vital that those evaluating the quality of design proposals have some guidance on what forms of urban design work well and why. The purpose of Eddy’s urban approach is to help equip all those involved in the delivery of places with guidance on achieving and assessing the quality of urban design in developing and restoring urban areas. In other words, Eddy’s concern was how we could change the urban landscape to create places where people want to live, work and socialize, from the street corner to the brand new settlement.
The material within Eddy’s Portfolio reflects good practice in the MENA region and the gulf area, relying on the stream of new and rediscovered approaches to urban design that emerged at the end of the twentieth century. The regeneration movement he suggested has been at the forefront of producing this new wave of thinking about how design can position development in the market, change perceptions of place and create value for human and human public spaces.

The essence of Interior Architecture will always be about people and how they live it is about the realities of what makes for an attractive, civilized, meaningful environement, not about fashion or what’s in or what’s out.

In Landscaping, a quality landscape and a sense of urbanism can, and should, go hand in hand in Eddy’s opinion. The landscape, development block, and movement framework are the three main design elements of an urban project of any scale. By landscape, Eddy means many things; it is the open spaces, water, movement corridors and way-leaves; it is parks, squares, and streets; it is the street furniture; it is hard and it is soft.
The key design principles for Eddy is to treat everything as landscape; buildings define the edge of space; landscape occupies the space, whether it is a park, a street, a fence or a pavement. This means designing the landscape structure and avoiding SLOAP (Space Left Over After Planning).

Eddy Mahfouz Architects have also established MEDARCH VISUALIZATION STUDIO.

MEDARCH is a challenging studio of visualization having more than 10 years of experience. It got its reputation from the dedication for architectural design presentations helping growing firms of architecture & clients to expand their imagination in accomplishing outstanding results. The studio’s target is also the implementation of new technics in achieving innovative 3D renderings, visual effects production, compositing & animations for architectural purposes.