Eddy Mahfouz


Lebanese Architect | Urban Planner [Eddy Mahfouz b.1980, Byblos, Lebanon.] Eddy’s practice grew from his research into the relationship of form and nature, an on-going manifesto from his early interest into the subject during his college years. This led him to write his thesis on the subject, “Nature of forms and Form of nature”. For Eddy, nature is not “fractal” but “Constructal” and always thrives for the optimal mechanisms into building its contextual geometry; nature’s design for sustainability. He carried this ethos with him while acquiring years of experience in the Gulf, MENA region and Lebanon. Eddy thrusts his passion for nature and form in implementing his tenets for creating innovative architectural forms. His evolved practice has acquired a privileged track record for delivering projects with the highest architectural excellence merging state-of-the-art design ideas, building expertise, and environmental responsibility. Eddy holds a D.E.S. ’04 in Architecture and a Masters of Urban Planning ‘06 from the Lebanese University, Faculty of Architecture and in Collaboration with the European Tempus Program.