Being part of the Future extension of Fidar village, the Municipal Hall will be the link between the different historical parts of the village. Giving a much bigger extension for both the garden and the church, the concept of the municipality is to share it’s roof top with the public while below levels will hold in all the project functions and contents. It’s Utilitarian canopies will play important role in defining the architectural approach, the pure curved lines will be the reflection of the soil line topography stretching in and out to further emphasize the interior/exterior volumes and to create a shaded PIAZZA area at the Ground Floor. Proportion refers to the proper and harmonious relation of one part to another or to the whole, the proportion curved volumes will reflect the harmonious waves of Fidar shore line while peeking out to signal the second reference point with the “Burj El Fidar” on the same alignment, and thus creating this physical link between all the village parts. In terms of perception, one of the challenges for the user is to determine just how big this building is, while at the same time it respects the natural/physical environment and is well orientated to respect the sun/shade movements and natural ventilation. All open curtain glass areas are oriented towards the North to prevent direct sunlight access, also small roof openings will stretch down sun rays to illuminate smoothly the internal areas. Looking towards the 21st Century, “Al Fidar Municipality” will be definitely a project to sustain for future generations!!!

Iconic, Symbolic, Sustainable and State-of-the Art Design for a Modern and 21th Century Municipality. The new design approach for the municipality will introduce Fidar to the international society by giving it a modern identity and stretching the Lebanese Architectural Culture to a new level. Constructal and Fractal theory are well researched into the design while parametrical equations have been calculated to regenerate the curve and openings. Such approach will enable to have natural volumetric shapes and spaces. Nevertheless, materials have been simplified to the minimum needed to make contrast with the surrounding and by doing that it will give the proximity buildings a better identity.